What makes me different?

I am a Vancouver Realtor who specializes in marketing single family homes and condos in Vancouver's Westside, Eastside and Downtown neighbourhoods.

It may sound funny, but a lot of my business has very little to do with real estate! Don’t get me wrong, I live and breathe the Vancouver housing market everyday, but to me, it is fundamentally about shaking hands, getting to know the community and building lasting relationships. I pride myself on forming friendships through my work, giving solid and accountable advice, and the ability to win the confidence of my clients to call on me for all their real estate needs.

I also come from a family of home builders that have been constructing custom properties since 2008. My marketing background actually began with our own construction projects and has seemlessly come to benefit all my clients who wish to build their own dream home.

Establishing a reputation to offer professional real estate advice and a marketing platform that is current and useful has been a full time commitment and not a weekend hobby for me - it's my edge, and an integral part of my success. The Vancouver housing market has a pulse and having a friend who has their hand on it can make a world of difference for a home owner looking to maximize the sale of their property in a hot or cold market.

So if my pulse is always on the market, do I actually have a life outside of real estate? Well, when I am not advising folks with their real estate needs, you might find me darting out of phone booths to help save cats from burning buildings and ushering old ladies across the street.

Nomi Malik



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